Life with June: When the lights began to dim

sunset on lake
Navigating the gathering darkness

I’ll never forget when Mom’s condition first began to be noticeable. Her eyes just could not adjust in dim or low light. We were in a local department store and because she didn’t like escalators, she said she’d meet me upstairs and she’d take the elevator.

This didn’t strike me as odd. We’d split up while shopping a million times in our lives. But today was different.

When we caught up with each other upstairs I saw something in my mother’s face I’d never seen before — fear. She was visibly shaken. The elevator was dark. The buttons were difficult to see and Mom had a difficult time figuring everything out. She got very disoriented.

I knew then that our life was changing but wasn’t quite sure how. Continue reading “Life with June: When the lights began to dim”