Life with June: Turning 99, my mother soldiers on

My mother turned 99 on June 7.  Her macular degeneration didn’t start until her mid-late 80s, but when it began to progress, it went fairly quickly. Still, she lives independently and as we celebrated her birthday, she noted that while the ravages of age are taking their toll, she is soldiering on.

She has few medical complaints other than her macular degeneration and what she expresses as “extreme tiredness” for which the doctors can find no cause. When they explain that she’s nearly 100 and her body is simply slowing down, my mother’s reaction is “Oh B#$#%.”

June tries to walk as much as she can each day. She focuses on eating right. She gets down when she thinks about everything loss of sight has taken from her such as her sewing and quilting. Amazingly, one day I was lamenting the need to hem a pair of pants and she said, “You know how you can just blind stitch on the machine, yes?” Well, I kind of did, but no.

She took the material and even though she couldn’t really see, her finger memory adeptly folded the material to the way it would need to be fed into the machine and explained the process. Amazing.

If you haven’t yet visited our Facebook page, please do. June’s birthday post received nearly 1,000 likes and many shares. While my work day keeps me from blogging as much as I should, this outpouring of love for my mom has inspired me to be more diligent. Thank you all who read this blog and who follow us on Facebook.

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